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London Wine Fair goes digital Here's what that means...

As the UK’s largest trade drinks show, London Wine Fair has, for 40 years, attracted tens of thousands of buyers from across the country’s bars, restaurants, supermarkets, independent merchants for three days of trading, education and discovery.

Now the fair is adapting, and bringing it’s unrivalled place at the heart of the UK wine trade online.

London Wine Fair 2021 will be the most advanced virtual show of its kind, with an unrivalled, ground-breaking digital offering. The platform will create a fully immersive event which will allow exhibitors and visitors to engage on a one-to-one basis, in larger groups and across the whole London Wine Fair audience to recreate the typical buzz of a live show.

Here you can see what is included with a digital stand, meet the team, check out sponsorship options, and more.

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What do visitors think?

  • 88% say the show has importance to their business
  • 88% are satisfied with their visit
  • 87% would recommend

What do exhibitors think?

  • 95% say the show has importance to their business
  • 79% are satisfied with visitor quality
  • 79% would recommend

What's Happening At London Wine Fair - Digital Edition? London Wine Fair will aim to deliver the biggest and most ground-breaking digital wine trade event yet. Here’s what you can get as part of your package.

Build your virtual stand – each exhibitor gets a profile page featuring imagery, tasting notes, news, videos, virtual winery tours and much more. All part of a powerful platform, searchable by wine name, grape type, region and more.

Speak directly to buyers – Use our powerful AI functionality to match with buyers who are looking for your product, then instantly book and hold virtual meetings, all on our platform.

Send samples rapidly – The opportunity to either take in sample requests direct from your virtual stand and handle yourselves, or use LWF to produce 50ml samples and dispatch as requested on your behalf

Deliver product masterclasses – with samples sent out to a hand-picked audience ahead of the event.

Only speak to verified trade visitors – each ticket buyer has been pre-verified, meaning exhibitors only deal with and offer samples to trade wine buyers

Extend the opportunity – Visitors & exhibitors have access to request meetings and samples for up to 3 months after the live event

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Package Cost Calculator Calculate the cost of your stand and pay securely by card. Any questions about the options or to pay by invoice, contact your account manager.

LWF Digital 2021: Exhibitor calculator

Your virtual stand is your “shop window”. Similar to a social media profile page. It will include your company or producer details, plus your wine or drinks list, video content and a large cover image. All data is fully searchable by visitors. The more you upload, the bigger your presence. This will be live for 3 months from the 17th May. NB: Each virtual stand comes with an exhibitor pass for two personnel to attend the 3 day LWF digital event 17-19 May - to make meetings, attend sessions and browse the visitor list.
Do you want to showcase multiple producers on a group page which with links pointing to each of the producers’ individual virtual stands? Perfect for country pavilions, associations and large scale importers.
How many producer pages would you like under your Pavilion Group Page?
Add unlimited images and captions to your page to create a gallery, or photo story.
You will need to add this button to your ‘virtual stand’ page if you wish to participate in the LWF sample pack opportunity (more details below).
Choose how many wines you would like to include in your sample packs. Production price includes rebottling into x90 packs of 50ml tubes, packaging, wine list insert and dispatch to UK addresses. Exhibitor receives list of all recipients. You will need to send x6 75cl bottles of each wine you wish to include in the pack. Please allow 4 weeks production time.
wines available for sample
Allow verified visitors to request samples for individual wines, choose which wines you'd like to make available for sampling. With this option, the exhibitor is responsible for fulfilling the sample. Min x4.
Max 15 sponsors, buttons displayed prominently on all areas of digital event
Present a masterclass to our verified & targeted trade audience, with 50ml samples of wines to be tasted sent on your behalf by LWF. Masterclasses are pre-recorded, allowing presenters to have live interaction with the audience when being streamed.
Choose how many wines you would like to be sent out as samples for the masterclass. Production price includes rebottling into x90 packs of 50ml tubes, packaging, wine list insert and dispatch to UK addresses. Exhibitor receives list of all masterclass attendees. You will need to send x6 75cl bottles of each wine you wish to include in the pack. Please allow 4 weeks production time.
extra members of staff
Every stand allows 2 personnel, add extra staff here

Total Summary

Virtual Stands £0
Pavilion Group Page £0
Producer pages within your pavilion £0
Photobook £0
Sample Pack Button £0
Wines per Pack £0
Sample Request Button £0
Headline Sponsorship £0
Digital Masterclasses £0
Number of masterclasses £0
Masterclass sample pack production & dispatch £0
Extra Stand Personnel £0
Total £0.00

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Signed-up to attend so far A collection of the restaurants, bars, independent merchants, supermarkets and importers registered to attend

How else can your reach our audience?

Headline Sponsorship Buttons advertising your brand and linking to your page displayed prominently across the digital event
Masterclasses Put your brand, territory or portfolio in front of a captive audience of wine professionals, with the opportunity to talk in depth about your wines and the story behind them. Masterclasses will be delivered to a digital audience, with mini samples sent in advance, fulfilled by LWF.
Social With over 25,000 engaged wine trade followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, our social platforms are a great way to reach our audience.
Wine Buyers Awards After an immensely successful launch year in 2020, join us in celebrating the UK’s best professional wine buyers, across the spectrum of the trade. Associate your brand with the best of the industry.

Alongside these out of the box options, London Wine Fair are always ready to discuss bespoke and exciting ways to reach our audience.

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